Unlock more revenue with our connected POS and Online Store Feature for your Grocery business


From Grocery to New Retail

TT Smart POS will grocery shop new experience, new channel and new products to grocery shops as a result of new retail transformation.


Frist Hybrid POS in Market Stay offline, but Grab Online Business

Minimum Internet access is required to run your TT 

Store Chain

More than Just POS Payment Service for Community

TT POS Integrates hundreds of utility bill payment

Build culture

ERP embedded POS Manage your business from Anywhere

TT POS provides 360 degrees business analysis 

Store Chain Optimization

Customer Centric POS Built-in Loyalty and Campaign System

Get to know, manage and reach your customers to 

Comprehensive Invoicing and Accounting Tools

Customer has the option to receive printed invoice or digital invoice in email.

Customer can maintain their online accounting book to include all their consumption with us.

TT Smart POS is an omnichannel solution

for the modern needs of retailers developed by TT Smart POS
the online grocery market leader.

Easy to use

Advanced tools with user friendly interface

Plug & Play

Compatible with any hardware & e-commerce system

Cost effective

Pricing as per your requirements

Live support

From a dedicated POS professional

Flexible SaaS platform Multi-Tenancy and Multi-Outlets

TT POS is a SaaS platform that supports tenancy,  customer can deploy multiple POS in one outlet, as well as multiple outlets under one tenant account, which meets various business scenarios of clients.

Innovative Retail Solutions

POS benefiting the retail industry globally.

Dedicated Inventory Suite

Customized systems for eCommerce outlets.

Who’s there moto

Using Cloud for tracking new customers.

Avail our Free POS Trial

Get first-hand experience of our advanced POS software now!

Exclusively for Retail Chains

Offer inventory, sales, order booking & other integrated solutions via our POS.

Enhanced Service Experience

Get an impressive feel by using our Cloud-based POS systems.

    TT POS transforms traditional grocery stores into new retail player

    As number of customers grows, TT POS has been recognized by more and more customers as the revolutionary platform in terms of functionality, scalability and reliability.

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    Our Affordable Pricing Plans

    Choose a dedicated POS package from the list. We offer bespoke inventory & sales plans to suit diverse client needs.

    Online Package


    • Cloud based TT POS
    • TT Online Shop
    • Utility Payment Service
    • Real-Time Online Order Fulfillment
    • Real-Time Dashboard and Reports
    • Loyalty and Campaign Management

    Hybrid Package*


    • Local Hosted TT POS
    • TT Online Shop
    • Semi Real-Time Online Order Fulfillment
    • End of Day Dashboard and Reports
    • Loyalty and Campaign Management

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